via Daily Prompt: Jump

Physically it hurts my body to jump. I want to buy a trampoline rebounder like Tony Robbins has so I can jump on that.  It’s a bit pricey.

Mentally I will occasionally use the phrase “jump off it” in order to let go of something I’m hanging on to that is not serving me. Sometimes I refuse. I should jump off it with my brother. I kind of have, but I haven’t told him. He’ll probably just annoy me again anyway.

I love watching my granddaughter jump. Reminds me of when her mommy was little.  We called her “jumping Julie” because she loved her jump rope at around age 5, then the trampoline as she got older.

I jumped out of an airplane 5 years ago, when my marriage was ending and I was feeling free and adventurous… or maybe suicidal. It was tandem jump with a cute guy. He actually jumped, and pushed me ahead of him. I did not like the free fall, but once the canopy opened, it was lovely. I have it on a VHS tape to relive occasionally. I don’t need to do that again…ever.



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