via Daily Prompt: Generous

One of the most meaningful and moving acts of generosity I have witnessed, received, given and felt profoundly has been a generosity of the heart and spirit. It is giving by withholding if you will. Allowing someone their dignity by just letting them be where they are in the moment… without correction, opinion, well-meaning guidance or a friendly, sarcastic, or muttered comment. For some it is the most difficult form of generosity to give, yet it costs nothing and reaps untold rewards.
This can look like letting a mispronounced or misused word go uncorrected, keeping an opinion to yourself, letting someone have that point of view that doesn’t meet with your agreement, choking back an insincere “yay” that rings hollow, withholding that eye roll when someone says something you don’t want to hear. It is keeping silent that opinion when you were not asked, and avoiding showing your superiority when someone is not up to your particular standards.
I think you get it. At times it feels like grace. It can also feel like love. It might go unnoticed and it might never be acknowledged. It will however, be felt and appreciated, sometimes on an unperceivable level. It will build trust in relationships and people will feel safe with you.

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