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9/26/16 – Monday

3:48pm Sent email confirming move out day would be Friday morning and included an address on where to send security deposit.

7:30pm arrived “home”.  Landlord  was on the phone, but greeted me cheerfully and asked how my day was.  I went to my room, read a book and watched the Trump/Clinton debate.

7:45-9:00 – continual banging and clanking of kitchen pots, dishes/utensils – apparently this was directed at me, although I was unaware of this at the time and thought lanslord was cleaning her cabinets out.

9:00 – Landlord stomped loudly up the stairs, banged loudly on the door and started screaming through the door for me to “get out of her house”, accusing me of questioning the cleanliness of her house, and saying that I accused her of living off the taxpayers. This seemed abrupt and sudden as our interactions and emails were always friendly and polite.  She slid a sloppy $1000 check under the door (security deposit return)  as she yelled for me to leave.  I still had 4 nights left on my lease.

9:15 As I was packing I called the police because I felt threatened by landlord’s aggressive behavior. I made 3 trips to the car to remove my items from her house. She slammed the door violently behind me each time I left. 

I did not return a fourth time to take the one item in the fridge (leftover chicken leg/thigh from diner), and three items (baggies, canned chicken and canned baked beans) in the pantry. I also left a small container of laundry soap behind.

9:28pm received an odd email from her with one word “foiled.” in the message. I do not know what was meant by it.

9/27/16 – Tuesday

8:01am – received a text that she stopped payment on the security deposit return check pending my assurance that I will not “stir trouble”. My response was that she has 14 days per the lease to refund my security deposit.

 I also informed her via text that she returned the wrong car key to me when I gave her the house key, and that I will mail the car key to her when I receive the correct key in the mail.

12:00pm – Went thru the bank drive thru to attempt to cash the check, was told there were insufficient funds in the account … no stop payment applied.  I deposited the check into my bank account.  It might bounce.


“If you’re yelling you’re the one who’s lost control of the conversation.””>Daily Prompt: Unfinished


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